The person in charge of Breakthrough® and it’s headway, holds Master’s in Business Management and Post Graduate diploma in Marketing Management, the Strategist. Laid the foundation of Breakthrough® in 2011 with a persistent vision of making it a virtuous name in the heads of consumers. Believes in holistic approach towards brand development and Passionate about justifying breakthrough and its encompassing meaning i.e., development. Considers that a keen insight towards operations and research with a profound understanding of science of fabric and the finished garment creates a quality garment, a brand approach encompasses a consistent improvement and a delighted consumer is the true ‘value’ for your creation.


Gaurav Nagda(Channel Head & Associate Member)

Associated with Breakthrough® since its inception, a marketing professional with a vivid discernment of retail channels of the brand with a key insight toward maintaining delighted channels through services, takes care of functions like supply chain, customer relationship management, believes that every user is important and indispensable in building the brand image a strong follow-up and communication is pivotal in strengthening of channels.


Mohit Jain(Associate Member)2011-2014

Linked with Breakthrough® from the following period, looked after the networking goals of Breakthrough®, the retail acquisitions of Breakthrough® for Northern areas of India, had been a part of key developmental processes for chaneling of Breakthrough®.


Abhishek Khandelwal(Sr. Product Executive-B2B and e-commerce)

Takes care of breakthrough’s penetration in Tier 1 cities of India with an underlying focus on new acquisitions for breakthrough’s retail channels, believes that a proper communication about the product attributes and what makes it distinct is the key approach towards building the loyalty of channel members. Also takes care of e-commerce division of Breakthrough® for creating a direct connect with the end consumer.